Get a personalized program in order to accommodate your individual needs rather by one on one or accountability training. Be prepared to get in the best shape of your life – build muscle, lose weight, burn fat, tone and more! Training will take place at the Overcomer Fitness center located inside True Life Community Church.

One on One: One on one personal training is the most detailed and customized for you as an individual. This type of training also includes a free fitness evaluation – in addition to getting weighed and measured we will discuss your goals, strengths, weaknesses, prior injuries and more to develop a program that will maximize your results specific to you.

Accountability Training: In addition to one on one training there is also accountability training. While I keep your individual goals in mind, groups of two will be able to train together and hold each other accountable to there goals and work ethic. This type of training is also beneficial to most because it allows you to split the cost.

Training Includes:
-Dynamic/static stretching
-Compelling workouts
-Resistance/strength training
-Injury free technique
-Proper form
-Nutrition counseling
-Weight lifting
-Bodyweight movements

One on One:
 • 30 Minute Session
 • 60 Minute Session

Accountability Training:
 • 30 Minute Session
 • 60 Minute Session

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